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Welcome to [info]mondaycigarette !
Kristencaras.gif picture by dance89

We're a Kristen Stewart fan community.
Join us in appreciating the sheer awesomeness that is Kristen Jaymes Stewart.
Here you'll find news, picspams, videos, and hopefully a fabulous time!
Bashing is in no way allowed here.
Membership is moderated. 

Please read over our rules before applying for membership. 

1.) This should go without saying, but NO BASHING.
Obviously we’re a fan community so bashing of Kristen is in no way permitted and if that’s what you’re here to do, well bye!

2.) What can you post? News, videos, picspams, icons, graphics, and film discussions are all more than welcomed. OT/Chat posts are also allowed!

3.) Be respectful to other members. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and you’re entitled to disagree.
If you want to discuss, please do! But don’t come in trying to start drama.
There’s a scroll bar and you can use that if you so very well please.
You don’t have to like everybody and no one is going to make you, but please play nice.

4.) We're not a shipper community. Our focus is Kristen.
That doesn’t mean you’re not welcomed to join if you do or if you don't, we just ask that both ~sides behave themselves.
The term ‘Robsten’ is not allowed. R/K is completely fine, but it’s a no go on ‘Robsten’.
It's just a terrible, terrible word. And please, no comments or discussions about whose clothes she is wearing etc.

5.) When posting an entry, please tag your posts accordingly (we have serious tags & lulzy tags, whichever fits your post)
and use an lj-cut if there's a bunch of stuff you're trying to show us.
Please always source, either a site or a community.

6.) We do have page-a-mod available.
If you feel like a mod needs to be contacted, please by all means do.
One of the four of us will address the manner as timely as possible.

7.) Don’t be a creep. It's not cool. And it will get you banned.

8.) No bashing of other communities

9.) Membership is moderated.  


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::runs around the new comm::
i actually can't really believe i joined this.
i like kstew and all. i really do. kendall convinced me to like her quite a bit, but.
well, this is new.
i don't have icons of her. i'm sorry.
accept me as i am.
I want to join :P
I'm so stoked about this new community. Looks awesome!
awww thank you hun :D
happy to have you!
I'm pumped. cool comm i think its gonna be awesome!
thank ya darling!
we hope you enjoy your stay :D
o0o Joining :)
kristen + cigarette = joining :D
three cheers for the new community! i'm in :)
JOINING!!! This group looks awsome.
You had me at...

"Join us in appreciating the sheer awesomeness that is Kristen Jaymes Stewart."

Joining. ;)
i love Kristen and this community looks awesome :)
Joining! This looks awesome.